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Owning a house or a residential unit within the El Galala area is a more than wonderful experience, because this area is characterized by the availability of all services in it, and the La Sirena Bella Vento El Galala project in which it is located provides that opportunity for its customers, and this area is characterized by the presence of hospitals and schools as well as shops, commercial centers and supermarkets, as well as It is close to the New Administrative Capital, only 30 minutes away.

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Location of Bella Vento El Galala project

Bella Vento El Galala project is distinguished by its proximity to the touristic area in the city of El Galala, and therefore it enjoys all the tourist services provided therein, which include:-

  • Tourist hotel.
  • Aqua park .
  • International Yachting Marina.
  • World racing zone.
  • Chairlifts .
  • A tourist walkway with a group of the largest cafes, restaurants and international brands.

The availability of all of this means that all residents of Bella Vento El Sokhna benefit from all these services, especially with the Bella vento el galala project located only 100 meters from the tourist city in El Galala, and among the advantages that the project enjoys over others, it is the first project in those The area is divided into two parts:-

  • Part directly on the sea.
  • Another part is on the mountain, but other projects in the area are built entirely on the mountain.
master plan Bella Vento Sokhna

The area of ​​the Bella Vento Sokhna project

The total area allocated to the Bella Vento El Galala project is 60 acres, where a group of the finest services are located, with green spaces occupying 80% of them. The first phase that was opened in the project includes duplexes and chalets. The building in the Bella Vento project, Ain Sokhna, consists of a ground floor, garden, first and second floors, in addition to roofs and modern facades. The spaces vary within the project, as follows:-

  • An area of ​​110 square metres.
  • An area of ​​120 square metres.
  • An area of ​​150 square metres.
  • An area of ​​220 meters, second floor villas, in addition to a roof.
  • An area of ​​220 meters, a duplex, ground and first floors, in addition to a garden.

Services and features of the Bella Vento Sokhna project

The first service or advantage that the Bella Vento El Galala project provides to its clients, is to give them a wonderful view that enables them to see the sea from all units, in addition to the availability of many other services in it, including:-

  • The presence of swimming pools in front of all units within the project
  • Multiple recreational services including: (Aqua Park, yacht marina, artificial lakes, mountain bike paths, tracks for walking and cycling, infinity swimming pools)
  • Providing the opportunity to practice many diverse and enjoyable activities, such as: (sailing, diving, tennis, kayaking, camping, mountain climbing, water skiing, parachute)
  • Having great views ranging from cheerful greenery to vivid botanical gardens.
  • Other recreational areas, where there is a private beach, as well as a beach club, as well as a large shopping mall.
  • The presence of other services, such as the spa, a distinctive 5-star hotel.

As for the advantages of the Bella vento el galala project, they are as diverse as the services provided in it, and they are almost unavailable in any other competing project, and they are:-

  • Bella Vento Sokhna is located directly in the heart of the Galala area, close to the tourist area in it, which enjoys multiple and wonderful services to the maximum degree, and therefore unit owners can benefit from all these services.
  • The construction of the project on the sea and the mountain together, and this distinguishes it from other projects in the Galala area, which were built entirely on the mountain only.
  • Enjoying very beautiful architectural designs and enjoying modernity and sophistication.
  • All units can see the sea from them, so they have a great view.
  • Providing all services, whether basic or even entertainment, at the highest level of sophistication and distinction, in order to give full opportunity to its residents to have a wonderful and distinct experience in the true sense of the word, and enable them to spend enjoyable times with their friends and family.
Bella Vento Sokhna
Bella Vento Sokhna

The company that owns the Bella vento el galala project

Al-Manara Real Estate Development is the owner of the Bella Vento project in Ain Sokhna, which was established in 2013. It has implemented a large number of successful and giant projects in the real estate market. The company’s projects will not be limited to coastal villages only, but also include several commercial, residential and other businesses. The company is also always interested in providing projects that suit the tastes and needs of all customers. As well as always interested in developing after-sales services.

Al-Manara Real Estate Development

Prices of Bella Vento Sokhna units

La Sirena did not impose a unified price on all customers wishing to purchase units within the Bella Vento El Galala project, as the prices vary according to the unit area and type, but in general all prices are considered appropriate and reasonable to the extent that satisfies everyone.

Payment Plan in Bella Vento El Galala

There are two payment methods in the Bella Vento El Galala project, and they are among the easiest and easiest payment methods that can be offered. They can be clarified as follows:-

  • A down payment of 15%, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 6 years, in the form of quarterly installments.
  • 25% down payment, with the remaining amount in installments over 7 years, in the form of quarterly installments.
  • The customer does not have to pay any interest on the installments.
Bella Vento project in Ain Sokhna

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