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The Compound Castle Landmark New Capital is the latest project of the Castle Urban Development Company in the Administrative Capital. The compound is located in the R7 area in an exceptional location, next to the Green River, in which an international company was hired to make its impressive engineering designs, and the apartments are characterized by diversity; As well as Castle Landmark prices with great competitiveness; Which means that the units enjoy an ideal location and ideal prices as well.

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Castle Land Mark
Castle Land Mark

Location of Castle Land Mark Compound

Castle Landmark Compound is strategically located in the New Administrative Capital; In the seventh residential district, specifically in the plot of land A1 adjacent to the Green River area, which has the best landscaping, as well as Sur is located in a wall with the British University. Castle Landmark New Capital is also located close to the most famous tourist attractions in the New Administrative Capital; To know more about it.

Places near the Compound

Castle Landmark Compound is 500 meters away from the cathedral, which is only 5 minutes.
The compound is located only 10 minutes from the embassy district.
Only 20 minutes separates the Castle Landmark Administrative Capital and the Capital Airport.
The Castle Landmark project is located just a quarter of an hour’s drive from the Bin Zayed South Axis.
Only three minutes separate the project from the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

Design of Castle Landmark
Design of Castle Landmark

Design of Castle Landmark Residential Project

Castle Urban Development Company was keen to pay attention to all the details of the project, starting with the design of the project, which was carried out under the supervision of the well-known OKO PLAN company; This company designed the Administrative Capital project, as the company designed the project in a modern architectural style, with interest in providing hotel entrances for each building in the compound to compete with other Administrative Capital compounds.

The number of building blocks of the project reached 44 residential buildings, each building offers 7 floors in addition to the ground floor, taking care to provide all amenities for the clients of Castle Landmark Administrative Capital.

Castle Landmark Administrative Capital Area

Castle Landmark Compound was built on an area of ​​43 acres, this space includes residential buildings and a service complex that provides all the factors of comfort and luxury for the residents of the compound, with a construction rate of only 19% of the total area of ​​the project. The units’ spaces start from 80 square meters up to 285 square meters.

Recently, Castle Urban Development Company announced that the units of the first and second phases have run out, while the apartments of the last phase are still available; With spaces starting from 152 square meters and 175 square meters.

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Prices for Castle Landmark New Capital 2021

The prices of the units in the Castle Compound are competitive, and this clearly shows in the average price of the apartments in the compound; The price per square meter ranges between 9,000 and 13,250 EGP, and this means providing the best price per meter of units in the New Administrative Capital, in addition to providing the possibility of booking apartments in installments in the Castle Landmark Administrative Capital project with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period.

Payment plan Castle Land Mark Compound

Castle Urban Development has provided a number of apartment reservation systems in installments in the Castle Landmark Compound project, and this is to satisfy all customers who love to own units in the New Administrative Capital, let us now know the installment systems in the compound:

  • The first system: the units are to be paid in installments over 5 years without a down payment.
  • The second system: 10% down payment and the rest over 7 years.
  • The third system: a 10% down payment, 5% after one year, and after two years 5%, with 15% of the unit value paid upon receipt, and the rest over 10 years.
  • You can book your apartment by paying a serious booking amount starting from 30,000 EGP.

The prices of Castle Landmark Compound mentioned may have changed, to get the latest prices, call :- 01276211737

Castle Land Mark Compound
Castle Land Mark Compound

Compound Castle Landmark facilities and services

The Compound Castle Landmark New Capital included a lot of facilities and services, which really made it different from most of the Administrative Capital’s compounds, and these services and facilities are summarized as follows:

  • The Castle Landmark Administrative Capital project provides vast green spaces to achieve the recreation that the client is looking for.
  • Castle compound offers multiple swimming pools to suit adults and children.
  • Very impressive artificial lakes to provide the most beautiful landscaping for the units.
  • For sports lovers, attention has been given to providing a fully equipped gymnasium to serve the compound.
  • The Castle Compound project provides a distinctive health and social club to host families and friends throughout the day.
  • The compound has been provided with security and guarding equipped at the highest level to maintain the security and safety of the residents of the compound.
  • Castle Landmark Administrative Capital offers an area dedicated to international restaurants and cafes.
  • Sports fields to serve sports lovers of all kinds.
  • Castle Landmark Compound provides areas designated for barbecue parties for outdoor barbecue lovers.
  • A commercial area has been allocated in the project, this area brings together a variety of international brands.
  • The project provides dedicated garages for each building in the Castle Compound.
  • Hotel entrances to each building of the compound with an area of ​​120 meters
  • A play area has been allocated with all the entertainment needed by children.

Features of Castle Land Mark Compound

Castle Landmark Compound is distinguished by its strategic location within the New Administrative Capital, in addition to providing a variety of installment systems for each unit. The Castle Urban Development Company also announced the provision of a huge range of services and facilities that provide all amenities, luxury, security and safety to the customer, and the company did not forget The institution provides a discrepancy in the areas of housing units provided by the project.

Disadvantages of Castle Land Mark Compound

Some may think that limiting the project to providing apartments only and not providing villas is one of the project’s flaws, but in fact, this is not a defect; Because the Castle Urban Development Company was keen to provide varying areas for the units of Castle Landmark, the administrative capital, the company also emphasized the provision of privacy for each of the units, taking care to provide integration with the services provided for each unit.

Castle Landmark New Capital
Castle Landmark New Capital

About Castle Development Company The Compound Foundation

Castle Urban Development Company presented its latest project, Castle Landmark, General Administrative, but this project is not the first project of the company in the Egyptian real estate market; Where the company presented famous residential, commercial and administrative projects in Egypt as well as the Arab Gulf region; Castle is an extension of the Saudi EBC Company, and this company has a long history of more than 40 years in the real estate market in the Middle East.

Castle Company is the product of the union of two of the most important real estate companies in Egypt, namely: “Casell Real Estate Company” and “Misr Clearing Company”, a pioneer in the field of stock exchange and investment. this field.

Castle Development’s previous real estate work

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  • Compound Castle Gate New Capital .
  • Compound East Side New Capital .

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Castle Development
Castle Development
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