De Joya New Capital is one of the projects of Taj Misr Real Estate. Which chose him the best location within the eighth residential neighborhood R8, specifically in plot No. B2. Just minutes from the diplomatic district and the tourist promenade. The project is also close to the most important areas and attractions in the new capital, such as the Presidential Palace and the Green River.

The De joya New Capital project also provides housing amidst green spaces and charming landscapes. This is due to the interest of the developing company in providing landscaping and water fountains throughout the compound. It also provided all the services and features that any resident needs to always feel well-being and relaxation.


Location De Joya new New capital

  • The compound is located in the eighth residential district, which is classified as one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital, specifically located in the B2 area. Which overlooks the main streets with a width of more than 70 square meters.
  • The De Joya project also has a direct view of the diplomatic quarter, in addition to its proximity to the tourist walkway.
  • It is also just steps away from the Green River, the cathedral and the fairgrounds. In addition to the City of Arts and the Opera House, it is also not far from the government district and the Presidential Palace.
  • Therefore, De Joya New Capital is one of the vital and distinguished websites that provide you with everything you need. In addition, it is easy for you to access the project from anywhere, as it is near the main roads.

The space and design of De Joya Compound,

the new administrative capital The location of De Joya Compound 1 has been carefully chosen in the eighth residential district, which is full of green spaces and water bodies. Only 21% of the project area was built, leaving the rest of the space for entertainment and services needed by the citizen. T

he designs of the project have also been developed in a modern and modern manner that corresponds to sophistication and high taste, in addition to that all units overlook a distinctive view. The company that owns the project was keen to provide psychological comfort to customers in terms of water bodies and green spaces. Also, Taj Misr, the developer of De Joya Compound in the Administrative Capital, has provided multiple spaces for the units to suit the needs and desires of all customers.

In addition to offering distinctive prices compared to the services and advantages obtained by the customer, in addition to facilities that extend up to 10 years.

The spaces of the residential units in De Joya 1 Compound

De Joya New Capital is characterized by the presence of many residential units between studios, apartments and duplexes, with a variety of spaces so that the customer can choose among them according to his needs. The spaces in the project are as follows:

  • De Joya Compound provides you with apartments with small spaces consisting of one room “studio” with an area starting from 70 square meters up to 80 square meters.
  • As well as apartments with spaces ranging from 85 square meters up to 200 square meters.
  • There are also duplex apartments with large areas, with spaces ranging from 310 m² up to 410 m².

Prices De Joya 1 New Capital

De Joya Taj Misr for Real Estate Development has made sure that its prices are the lowest among the projects of the New Administrative Capital, so the price per square meter within the project starts from 11,000 pounds, for the units that will be delivered in the semi-finished system.

Therefore, the prices within the De Joya compound in the administrative capital are very special and lower than the prices of other projects that are being built in the administrative capital, in addition to the fact that the compound is located in the eighth residential district, which is the best neighborhood of the new capital.

Payment Plan Compound De Joya New Capital

Taj Misr Development offers three payment plans for the convenience of the future residents and to choose the most suitable method for you as follows:

  • 0% down payment, over 7 years (equal installments)
  • 5% down payment, over 8 years (equal installments)
  • 10% down payment, over 10 years (equal installments)
  • Maintenance fee: 8%

Services and facilities De Joya New Capital

There are many services and facilities that have been provided within De Joya Compound, the new capital. This is to give all residents the highest possible degree of comfort and tranquility and make them spend very quiet and enjoyable times. Here are the most prominent of these services within De Joya 1:-

  • The compound includes the largest percentage of landscapes that paint a charming picture with water bodies and artificial lakes.
  • The project also distinguishes the presence of an integrated entertainment area for children with the best games that encourage and develop children’s abilities.
  • The security aspect has been greatly taken care of, and the largest 24-hour security companies have been contracted, in addition to the presence of the latest modern surveillance cameras.
  • De Joya Compound is also considered environmentally friendly as it works with solar energy.
  • There are several swimming pools for adults and children as well as indoor swimming pools for women.
  • There are also dedicated tracks for exercise, cycling and motorcycling.
  • Also, inside De Joya 1 private underground garage was fully secured.
  • A service roof has been launched on top of the roofs of the buildings, in addition to the fact that the project offers a range of special sessions in the middle of the open air.
  • In addition to the presence of 2 clubhouses with the latest gym equipped with the latest equipment, in addition to a gym and a world-class spa.
  • Fish tank built on a huge area.
  • For all those looking for shopping, here is a full-service commercial area with the latest shops with international brands.

The company that owns the project De Joya 1

Taj Misr for Real Estate Development is the real estate developer of De Joya Strip Mall, the Administrative Capital. It is one of the largest real estate institutions that owns huge and very successful projects. This is due to its reliance on a large number of the most skilled engineers and workers in the field. Also, Taj Misr Real Estate Company was established in 2006 and since that time it has been able to present giant private projects within the New Administrative Capital. It has developed:

Other projects of Taj Misr Company The Taj Misr

Real Estate Development Company has also developed many government projects inside Egypt, which are represented in the following:

  • Badr Gardens Project.
  • South Cairo Courts Complex.
  • The American School of Sheikh Zayed.
  • It also developed the Greens Project.
  • It has also implemented The Address Compound in Sheikh Zayed.

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