De Joya 3 New Capital


Compound De Joya 3 New Capital is the third residential project for Taj Misr in the Capital and a continuation of its impressive series of success; This compound is located in the seventh residential district, R7, which means that the project is located in a strategic location on the Diplomatic Quarter. Through the article, we will learn about the prices of De Joya 3 and the most important features and information about the compound.

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Exact location of the compound

De Joya 3 project has a strategic location in the E1 area of ​​the famous 7th residential district, this neighborhood is close to important signs in the Administrative Capital, and the compound is close to the most important axes and main roads such as the Sheikh Bin Zayed axis, which is the lifeline that connects the neighborhoods of the Administrative Capital And the important projects in it, and now we will present to you the most prominent places near the project.

Places near the compound

  • De Joya 3, the administrative capital, is only five minutes away from the Green River.
  • Only three minutes separates De Joya Compound 3, the new administrative capital, from the embassy district.
  • De Joya 3 New Capital is located just five minutes from the Presidential Palace.
  • De Joya’s new project is only seven minutes away from the ring road.
  • Only 15 minutes separates the Digoya 3 project from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • It is adjacent to the capital’s well-known compounds in the 7th district, such as Janoub Compound, Park Lane Compound, and Botanica Compound.
location De Joya 3 New Capital

De Joya 3 Compound Design

Taj Misr company was keen to design the compound in a very modern way, as the external designs of the project reflect ingenuity and perfection, and the company was also interested in providing a number of separate buildings within the project to provide more privacy for the customer, as De Joya 3 Administrative Capital includes 21 buildings, each building includes from 1 to 3 buildings; The buildings were divided into 5 types as follows:-

  • Type A: This type includes 3 buildings.
  • Type B: This type includes one building.
  • Type C: This type includes 2 buildings. Type D: This type includes 2 buildings.
  • Type E: This type also includes 2 buildings.

This wonderful division makes the compound distinct from the rest of the New Capital’s compounds.

De Joya 3 Compound Space

De Joya Compound 3 project, the new administrative capital, was built on an area of ​​33 acres, taking care not to exceed 19% of the total area of ​​the project, and to allocate 81% of the compound space for green spaces and services of all kinds. De Gioia 3, let’s now know the average area of ​​each type of unit:-

  • Type A: spaces start from 170 square meters, up to 180 square meters.
  • Type B: spaces start from 150 square meters, up to 160 square meters.
  • Type C: spaces start from 200 square meters up to 230 square meters.
  • Type E: spaces start from 140 square meters, up to 150 square meters.
  • Duplexes: The spaces of the duplexes in the Compound De Joya 3, the administrative capital, are 300 square meters, and this space is fixed.

De Joya 3 new capital apartments prices 2021

The Taj Misr company announced the average prices of units in Dejoya, so that the price per square meter of De Joya 3 compound, the administrative capital, starts from 12,500 pounds, and the price per square meter reaches 15,000 pounds, and the company announced that the price ranged between 12,500 and 14,500 pounds only, while The price per square meter of the units in the building that directly overlooks the Club House is up to 15,000 EGP.

De Joya 3 Compound prices mentioned may have changed, to get the latest prices, contact us at:- 01276211737

De Joya 3 Payment Plan

The methods of booking apartments in the Compound De Joya 3, the new capital, have been announced by Taj Misr, with different installment systems, so let us now review those systems that serve those interested in real estate investment in the new administrative capital.

  • The first system: 10% down payment and 10% receipt after 3 years, and the rest over 7 years in equal installments.
  • The second system: 15% down payment, 10% receiving payment after 3 years, and the rest over 8 years.
  • The third system: 10% down payment and 10% receiving payment after the first 3 years, with the possibility of paying the rest over 10 years.
  • Fourth system: 15% booking down payment, 10% receiving payment after 3 years, and the rest over 10 years.

These systems are the initial systems for reservation and payment, while Taj Misr confirmed that it will add some details regarding the installments and their value, after the launch of the project.

De Joya 3 New Capital

Compound services

provides a variety of facilities and services to achieve comfort, privacy and luxury for customers, the most important of which are:

  • The whole compound is surrounded by a large wall that includes a wonderful aquarium.
  • De Joya 3 project offers vast green spaces to provide comfort and relaxation to customers.
  • Club House was built on an area of ​​4 acres with many services provided to be the first entertainment center in the compound.
  • De Joya Compound 3, the new administrative capital, offers a roof garden to provide entertainment services for all compound buildings.
  • The compound is provided with a set of walkways for walking, cycling and practicing various sports.
  • De Joya 3 Administrative Capital offers a highly trained security and guarding system to provide security and safety for the entire compound.
  • The project was provided with surveillance cameras, to provide more security for the residents of the compound.
  • Swimming pools suitable for adults and children who love swimming.
  • De Joya 3 Compound , the new administrative capital, includes a huge commercial mall that collects many international brands in one place.
  • Kids Area Kids Area has been provided for children of different ages, providing them with entertainment and all the factors of safety and security.

The advantages of the apartments in the Compound de Joya 3

De Joya 3 project is distinguished from the rest of the projects of the New Administrative Capital, as the project offers 5 different types of buildings, with varying spaces for each type, as you can book units that meet your needs while ensuring access to all services and distinctive facilities, as well as the unit prices One of the most important features of the compound that it provided to the client, as well as 4 different installment systems.

De Joya 3 Compound Problems

It is difficult to find defects and problems in De Joya 3 Compound , because it is an extension of a large series of successes of Taj Misr, which has proven itself since it began establishing De Joya compounds in the capital, and every time the company chooses its location carefully, and this time it chose a site overlooking the embassy district directly.

De Joya 3 New Capital

About Taj Misr Company

Taj Misr is one of the most important and distinguished companies in Egypt; This pioneering company was built since 2006, to enter the real estate development world, and offers huge projects over 15 years, and the last of these projects is the De Joya 3 project, which is the company’s third compound in the Administrative Capital, and now we review the most prominent previous real estate projects.

Previous projects of Taj Misr Real Estate Company

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  • De Joya Strip Mall New Capital Compound
  • De Joya Strip Mall 2 New Capital Compound
  • De Joya 2 New Capital Compound
  • De Joya 3 New Capital
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