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La Fontaine compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo that provides you with all the services so that you can live the easy and luxurious life of the compound at the same time. City Stars Group in New Cairo, which has been designed according to the latest international designs, Ultra Modern, close to the upscale European style.

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La Fontaine compound location
La Fontaine compound location

La Fontaine compound location

La Fontaine Compound, Fifth Settlement, combines East and West in a wonderful blend, as it provides you with luxury housing in a lively and comfortable atmosphere.

Away from crowds, pollution and noise, and at the same time, all units enjoy the greatest degree of privacy that customers are keen on and the traditions of our eastern communities.

The location of the La Fontaine Fifth Settlement project is very distinct, as it is located in the Golden Square area behind the Cairo Club and the Platinum Club.

It is close to the most important vital places, as it is 5 minutes from the American University, and 15 minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City.

La Fontaine New Cairo is 30 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, the future of smart and civil housing in Egypt and the Middle East.

Therefore, by choosing to live in La Fontaine Compound, Fifth Settlement, you will have obtained a very distinct residential and investment opportunity.

Compound La Fontaine New Cairo achieves all that you aspire to in terms of services, facilities, high-end residential units, and luxurious European designs.

Prices and payment systems
La Fontaine Compound, Fifth Settlement, is one of the largest residential projects in New Cairo, with investments amounting to EGP 2 billion.

The La Fontaine compound New Cairo project will be built on an area of ​​34 acres, equivalent to 143 thousand square meters, with about 565 units.

Which varies in terms of shapes and areas to suit all tastes, with all of them enjoying the most beautiful view of green spaces and water bodies.

As for the prices of La Fontaine Compound, there are apartments starting from 2,825,167 EGP up to 5,925,343 EGP, with various payment systems available to suit all budgets.

One of the project’s payment systems is to pay 4% upon contracting, and installments up to 8 years without interest.

There are also many other very easy payment systems, which are flexible according to your capabilities to choose the most suitable for you, knowing that the project will be delivered within 3 years.

Thus, La Fontaine New Cairo Compound will achieve a safe investment of your money with the best payment systems, and provide you with all the services and facilities around you.

It is a full-service compound in every sense of the word that was designed; To live inside it in a more luxurious and comfortable way, away from the inconveniences of life.

La Fontaine compound location
La Fontaine compound

Services and spaces

La Fontaine compound Fifth Settlement was designed and implemented as a small city with integrated services.

La Fontaine compound Fifth Settlement provides you with all the services, as it has an outdoor vegetable area, a service area, a special area for children and many more.

As for the most prominent services of the Compound La Fontaine, the Fifth Settlement, they are as follows:

  • Swimming pools of various sizes and distributed in a balanced manner throughout the compound.
  • Green spaces and landscaping on a huge area with tracks for running, horse riding and bicycles.
  • A social club on a large area with a variety of playgrounds.
  • An area of ​​international restaurants and cafes at the highest level of decoration and the level of services provided.
  • Bodies of water and dancing fountains.
  • Integrated entertainment area for children.
  • A health club equipped with the highest level of medical equipment, and a world-class spa.
  • Mosque.
  • Underground garages.
  • Huge mall.
  • Security and guarding around the clock and surveillance cameras.
La Fontaine master plan
La Fontaine master plan

La Fontaine apartments spaces

La Fontaine Fifth Settlement is a compound of apartments and penthouses only, with 45 residential buildings.

The spaces of the La Fontaine compound are varied to suit all tastes, the apartments start from 128.50 square meters up to 312.70 square meters, knowing that the units are delivered semi-finished.

Owning company and previous business

ARCO Developments is one of the most important and largest real estate companies in Egypt.

Arco has a lot of experience gained over the years since its establishment in 2005 AD until now, where it has carried out many successful projects.

It has undertaken many mega projects in the North Coast, Marsa Alam, 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed.

Arco Real Estate Development always implements distinguished and luxurious projects, because its ultimate goal is to make a qualitative leap in urbanization in Egypt.

As for the most prominent works of the previous Arco Real Estate Development Company, they are:

  • The famous Citystars Mall in Nasr City.
  • Lagoon Arco Resort.
  • City Stars Sahel project.
  • City Stars Village in Sharm El Sheikh and the Red Sea.
  • Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed Compound

    Up to its latest distinguished projects in New Cairo, which is the upscale La Fontaine Compound, the Fifth Settlement.

Through which Arco Real Estate Investment completes its honorable path, with its investments amounting to more than one billion pounds in various projects.

As those in charge of Arco believe that real estate is a safe haven for investment in the Egyptian market, especially since real estate prices in Egypt are much lower than the countries in the region.

In light of the continuous rise in real estate prices, clients have found that investing money in owning a property is the best way to achieve returns that are much higher than those granted by banks.

To further facilitate matters, Arco raised the slogan “sale in installments”, which it found in great demand from customers, better than selling for cash at discounted prices.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and book your unit in La Fontaine Compound in New Cairo, which will fulfill all your dreams of living a comfortable life for you and your family members.

 La Fontaine compound Fifth Settlement
La Fontaine compound Fifth Settlement

Compound La Fontaine New Cairo project

It has all the features that you might want in terms of a privileged location in the heart of the continental Fifth Settlement area and next to the most important residential projects.

It is also easily accessible to and from, as it is located on the most important roads and axes linking New Cairo and Cairo.

A few minutes away from it, you will find yourself in the New Administrative Capital.

Which will move all government departments and headquarters, and therefore will be close to all vital institutions.

La Fontaine compound New Cairo is a small integrated city that provides you with everything you dream about, as La Fontaine Fifth Settlement offers you a residential unit in a wonderful view with the highest level of luxury and privacy.

This is due to the spread of green spaces and water bodies that permeate the residential units, and the wide streets that separate the buildings.

La Fontaine compound New Cairo also offers you a variety of luxury apartments and penthouses.

With small and large spaces to suit your needs and requirements in the comfortable space in which you and your family want to live.

All this, with all the services and facilities around you, including clubs, recreational and commercial areas, at your service, and security and guarding around the clock.

Don’t miss the opportunity and be one of the success partners and own your unit in the prestigious La Fontaine compound, Fifth Settlement.

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ARCO Developments
ARCO Developments

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