Mountain View Compound Giza Plateau October


A series of Mountain View projects, with its European designs, integrated services, and vast green spaces around the units, is now in your hands with one of the best of those projects, Mountain View Giza Plateau October, which will offer you a dream apartment, at great prices, at the same You will enjoy a strategic location in the heart of October, close to all places, and vital roads; As we will explain later.

for more details :- 01276211737

for more details :- 01276211737

Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound

Giza Plateau Mountain View project plan

  • Mountain View Giza Plateau October compound extends over an area of ​​16 acres, and is one of the very distinctive Mountain View projects.
  • His design came; In response to the busy and accelerated life in Cairo; It was calm, comfort, and relaxation within this integrated project.
  • Where vast green spaces have been distributed around the units, in addition to a swimming pool, and plenty of picnic areas, and getting out.
  • The Mountain View Giza Plateau project is the first home of Mountain View’s most important innovation in the real estate market, the iVilla modular model.
  • They are 4 villas with small spaces, integrated together, and thus the cost is lower, but with the same privileges as the large-space villas.
  • Mountain View Giza Plateau is the ideal place for those who do not compromise on their comfort, especially as iVilla units will be your safe haven; To live the life you always wanted.

Mountain View Giza Plateau Location

  • Mountain View Compound Giza Plateau October is located in the October plateau.
  • It is also located about 18 km from the center of Cairo.
  • It is also located near the Mountain View October Park project.
  • The project has direct access points to the most important main roads, such as the Mehwar Road, the Ring Road, as well as the Alexandria Desert.
  • In all, wherever you are coming or going anywhere; You will be able to get to and from the Mountain View Giza Plateau project easily and conveniently.

Services and spaces

Mountain View Giza Plateau October Compound was established to provide a green and healthy environment for the owners, and this is evident to us through the general plan of the project.

Where the total area of ​​the project is 16 acres, less than 20% of that area was built, and the rest are green spaces, and aesthetic water formations. In addition to, of course, wide streets, seating areas, picnic paths, etc.

are amenities and entertainment for owners and their family members.

 Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound
Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound

Mountain View Compound Giza Plateau October Services

  • Green spaces and landscapes spread throughout the compound, and around the units; To give the owners the most beautiful view.
  • Walking and cycling trails. Recreational areas for children.
  • There is also security and guarding around the clock.
  • Private parking spaces.
  • There is also a medical center.
  • Sports fields. There is also a shopping mall.
  • Quiet areas for lovers of meditation, and sit in the midst of nature.
  • There is also a gym.
  • There are also wide streets.
  • There are also a number of restaurants and cafes.
  • In addition to the presence of a mosque.

Areas of Mountain View Giza Plateau units

  • Mountain View Giza Plateau October compound offers iVilla units with spaces ranging from 260 m² up to 302 m².
  • This idea is the result of the effort of the world’s largest consulting engineers in cooperation with Mountain View engineers.
  • This “I VILLA” idea caused a revolution in the Egyptian real estate market; As soon as it is announced.
  • It relies on merging 4 small villas together, with all the advantages of large villas, from a garden, a private entrance, and a swimming pool, but each owner enjoys his full privacy.
  • Here is the secret of the model’s success; That he gave you a fully-fledged villa, but with a reasonable space, and therefore a lower cost, and you enjoy inside it all your privacy.

Prices and payment Plan

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company broke all the numbers in the real estate market through the distinguished Mountain View Giza Plateau October Compound.

  • The price of iVilla units starts from 3,728,937 EGP up to 5,027,238 EGP.
  • This price is in advance with very easy payment systems.
  • The first system of immediate delivery units: 30% contract payment, and the rest in installments up to 5 years.
  • The second system of units to be delivered after 3 months: 15% down payment, then 15% after 3 months, and the rest in installments up to 5 years.

Thus, Mountain View gives you a golden opportunity to own a luxury housing unit, with all services immediately converted, or within 3 months at most. to be paid for over 5 years, which is a very special opportunity; To be a client of this leading company, which is the strongest in the Egyptian real estate market.

Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound

Owning company and previous business

Mountain View Company is pleased to present the compound Mountain View Giza Plateau October, which is a step from its history full of successful and distinguished projects.

Mountain View has 12 other projects, spread all over Egypt, whether in east or west Cairo, as well as in the coast and Sokhna.

These projects have achieved amazing successes; For its unique specifications, which made it independent from any other real estate projects.

Mountain View started its career decades ago and is under the leadership of Dar Al Mimar Group (DMG), its parent company.

which consists of a multinational management team; He was credited with enriching the company’s expertise; And the implementation of a real estate product is unparalleled.

Which made Mountain View Enterprises a trademark; It is sought after by customers who want a distinguished, upscale housing, at the best prices.

Previous Mountain View projects

Mountain View projects are divided as follows, 5 projects in New Cairo, 4 projects in 6th of October City, 2 projects in the North Coast, and 2 projects in Sokhna. As for the list of those projects, you will find them as follows:-

  • Mountain View Executive Residence.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement
  • Mountain View 3 New Cairo
  • Mountain View 1.
  • There is also Mountain View 2.
  • Then Mountain View iCity the assembly
  • Mountain View iCity October
  • Compound Mountain View October Park.
  • Mountain View Chill Out Park Compound October
  • Mountain View Diplomats Ras El Hekma.
  • Mountain View Ras El Hekma project.
  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1.
  • Mountain View Sokhna 2.
Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound

Features of Mountain View Giza Plateau 6th of October

  • The privileged location where you will be close to all the vital places, and you will find around you the most important main roads, such as the Mehwar, the Ring Road, and the Alexandria Desert.
  • Especially since the October plateau is a quiet and promising area from an investment point of view, and a destination for the most important investors; To establish the most luxurious residential projects.
  • simple construction ratio; compared to the total area of ​​the project; In order to make room for the largest amount of green spaces, distinguished services, and wide roads.
  • Units with a unique American design, which is a feature of the Mountain View projects, but taking into account the eastern side, in terms of maintaining the privacy of the owners.
  • The iVilla model that offers you the specifications of an independent villa, but with a reasonable space, and at a lower cost.
  • The prices of the Compound Mountain View Giza Plateau October are very distinguished, and payment facilities are provided, with the advantage of the availability of immediate delivery units.
  • That is, for a small amount, you will own a fully-serviced villa in the heart of 6th of October City, with payment facilities, and you will live in a healthy and quiet residential community that gives you a life of luxury.

for more details :- 01276211737

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