Ora North Coast


Ora North Coast, and it is one of the works of the largest companies in the field of real estate. Rediscover your life now and live your life with us in a different way, away from the daily routine and from the hustle and exhaustion today, and enjoy with us in an unusual way because it is an unusual village and that is what we are used to It is from Ora Real Estate Development Company, which is to present a distinctive artwork and not just an ordinary project or a resort that represents others. With many features.

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Location Ora North Coast project

Ora Real Estate Investment Company has chosen a very distinct and very distinguished geographical and strategic location for this giant project. Ora North Coast village is located at kilo 222 of the new Fouka Road, 75 km from Marsa Matrouh and Cairo International Airport, and a distance of about 108 km. A meter from Marina El Alamein, an hour’s drive away, it is close to all the places that you can go to from various roads, and this is what distinguishes the village’s geographical location, which brings you everything you need.

Location Ora North Coast
Location Ora North Coast

The area of ​​the Ora North Coast project

The Ora North Coast project is being built in a distinctive area. The project was implemented on an area of ​​485 acres and is on the beach front for 1,000 square meters. It is one of the largest projects to be built on the North Coast. It is a coastal city with a new and different concept. It is considered an integrated city and is one of the largest projects The coast, which is of international designs and has everything available. You will find the required services, features and facilities, and also offers you a variety of spaces and prices that suit everyone, in the interest of Ora Company to meet the needs of all its customers. The project is a combination of natural beauty and undoubted quality and inspiring vision. The project is one of the most important and prestigious resorts on the North Coast of Egypt. A unique location and a destination that blends in with the picturesque and charming nature The village aims to create unique experiences while enjoying in a village with gardens, green spaces, artificial lakes, beaches and recreational facilities, all of these in the project that achieved everything you wanted.

Ora North Coast services

Services vary and vary between recreational and service, along with a large part that has been worked on to implement landscaping, artificial lakes and swimming pools to enjoy a charming, attractive and distinctive view of the village, and among these services are the following:-

  • Land scape .
  • swimming pool .
  • Aqua park .
  • Beach activities.
  • Tourist walkway along the sea.
  • Crystal artificial lakes. Parking for cars.
  • Places for barbecues. Restaurants and cafes.
  • Cinema complex.
  • Hypermarket and commercial area.
  • security cameras .
  • Guard and security personnel.
  • Health club .
  • Club House.
  • Gym and sports fields.

There is no end to the services that were available to make you feel luxury, comfort and relaxation with your family in the village, take the opportunity and own your unit with the lowest down payment and in comfortable installments until the longest payment period offered to you by Ora Development and Real Estate Investment in Silver Sands North Coast.

Ora North Coast
Ora North Coast

Ora North Coast prices and spaces

It also provides you with a range of spaces that suit everyone, divided between 2 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms, and there are also villas with a garden, all to allow you the freedom to choose between what suits your family with the best prices and the most distinguished payment methods and various payment systems. Among these spaces provided by the company, it includes spaces and payment systems, and the spaces of the village are as follows.

Areas and prices of Silver Sands North Coast Village

  • Ground floor chalets with a garden of 155 meters on a plot of 360 square meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms, at a price of 6,500,000 pounds.
  • Chalets with a roof area of ​​200 m, with a large terrace, at a price of 6,500,000 EGP.
  • Stand alone villas, first row, on the sea, with an area of ​​391 m, built on a plot of 2000 m, consisting of 5 bedrooms, starting from 60,000,000 EGP.
  • There are also independent villas with areas of 360 m, with a land area starting from 1200 m, first row on the sea, prices start from 40,000,000 pounds.
  • Independent villas with an area of ​​312 m on the sea, with prices starting from 35.000.000 EGP.
  • Villas with an area of ​​360 m and a land area starting from 800 m, consisting of 5 bedrooms, and the price starts from 30 million pounds.
  • Villas with spaces start from 312 m and prices are 25 million pounds directly on the sea.
  • Separate villas for sale with an area of ​​300 meters 5 bedrooms on the sea at a price of 15.000.000 EGP.
  • Twin house spaces start from 280 meters, with a land area of ​​500 meters, at a price of 9 million and 500 thousand pounds.

All of these and more will be found with us. If you are looking for excellence, sophistication and luxury, you will find all these and more in one place only, which is Ora Village, and in it you will live an unparalleled life. Ora project is one of the distinctive signs in the coast, because it is one of the works of the famous engineer company Naguib Sawiris With us, you will own a unit on international designs and many services for you and your family that you will find

Ora North Coast

About Ora Real Estate Investment Company

Ora North Coast Village, which is offered by the largest real estate company, Ora Real Estate Company, which is owned by the famous businessman, Eng. Naguib Sawiris, as for the first time he is implementing a huge investment project in the North Coast, and he made sure that this project enjoys a lot Among the features, services and facilities that make it different and unique from any other project on the coast. We note this from the company’s recent works, such as Zed East, Fifth Settlement and Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers. The company has done many and many famous works in more than one place and owns Ora Company A group of different and varied projects in many places, and one of the famous works of Naguib Sawiris is the Aura Al-Sahel project, and the company has many businesses such as.

Naguib Sawiris projects inside Egypt

Naguib Sawiris’ projects outside Egypt

  • cyprus project.
  • Eighteen Compound. Grenada project.
  • Silversnds Compound in Grenada.
  • The Eighteen Project in Islamabad.
  • Great Britain project.
  • Ayia Napa marina project in Cyprus.

In addition, the company launched its project in the heart of the North Coast, Ora Village on the coast, and it is its first project on the coast. It has done many projects outside Egypt in Pakistan, Cyprus, London, Britain, and it is a company known for its real estate business for a long time. Ora Real Estate Development is one of the companies that works to achieve the dreams of its customers in terms of designs, and Ora Real Estate has hired the largest companies in the field of engineering designs to implement With distinctive designs to make a difference and achieve happiness because it builds and supports creativity, innovation and sustainability and offers us an attractive project that is unparalleled and does not compare to any other project on the coast, which is the first of its kind, and we see that from the company’s choice of project site.

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